The Wild Olympics Scam


Have you seen these signs?
Do you know what is behind them?
Why the
opposition to Wild Olympics?
(It sounds so good)
Maybe too good to be true?
What is the  $900,000,000?
Where does it come from?

 Why Do The Feds Want It?

The Wild Olympics Scam:
From The Beginning

Amanda Park Washington



A big thank you to supporter Jim Carlson for donating the use of this building.


The "Wild Olympics" plan seems to change like the mist
What remains the same is to get more federal land
Land is precious; they are not making any more
and it can be bought with inflated dollars
or simply added to the taxpyers debt

Obamas' land deal power grab
"Get off my lawn!"
where the Land Grab all started

Aside from the Obama $900 million original proposal.
"More funds are being added each year for federal resource Land Grabs nation-wide
 by way of the:
Land and Water Conservation Funds (LWCF)"
Courtesy of American Land Rights

The LWCF funds last year increased to 1.3 Billion.
 Enviro-groups have their sticky fingers out trying to grab it.
This is when The Pew Environment Group, working out of Washington D.C.
 invaded the Olympic Peninsula  

That's not all!
An Even Bigger Pot of Gold for Obama and Sally Jewel
lies at the End of Their Reign-bow.

Jewel-"Obama will go around Congress on National Monuments"

Sally Jewel "Great Outdoor Initiative" Budget appropriations 2014

 City & Urban Parks 2014 LWCF
To protect "Green Spaces"

2012 Barack Obama Memorandum on 

Pacific Northwest Forests

Failure by from the President and congress to present true facts. The facts they presented did prove to be false and have no substance.
A socialist game of pretend give, in order to take it anyway.
May 2014 Obama signs executive Order to give BLM permission to grab land

. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Currently.....our efforts are being vociferously criticized
(because our signs have galvanized the local population and more)
We've been feebly attacked on overstating the value of these lands we care about.
 Why do
they place such little value on them?

 $900 Million
is a huge burden to taxpayers

There are several ways $900 million is a poor presentation
to what these lands are really worth to the State of Washington
  and why it is vitally important to hold on tightly to them.
State lands produced $225 million in 2010.

$225  million x 4 years = $900 million!
 x 4 years = $900 million more (inflation not included)
 x 4 years = Now worth over a billion

 Renewable State Resources

Their first scam/proposal called for inclusions of state land
 that was originally estimated at $900 million:
The spark that united our group was that the Queets ridge unit alone:
 worth more than the $900 million
...and they wanted the Ozette too!


The Wild Olympics/Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

"For Other Purposes"
 To Create
A Failed Norm Dicks Legacy

   As many of you now know there have been many plans and a variety of mis-information surrounding the proposed Wild Olympics/Wild and Scenic plan. For those unfamiliar with it,  this plan was introduced by Washington state U.S. Congressman Norm Dicks and U.S. Senator Patty Murray in 2010. Green party lobbyists from Quilcene,  partners and associates with  the D.C. Pew Environmental Group, worked closely with Washington legislators to concoct the taking of our state lands for national ownership to create a bigger park with extra wilderness, to add to the million acre park they already could not take care of.

The announcement of the Pew groups' desire to re-designate our public Olympic Peninsula lands for a bigger park was brought 
to the attention of  peninsula residents by a whistleblower. News came that deals were cooking, involving the acquisition of public recreational forestlands,  for other purposes by the  federal government. Their reasoning was for Extra" Iron Clad Protection".  Keep in mind as you read on - Federal protection does not realistically exist.  Extra protection is an invented myth.

The plan was meant to intentionally pass under the radar unnoticed, to shove it through congress with as little public awareness as possible. They knew the opposition would be tremendous and would get in the way of their "democratic" taking agenda.

This was a plan that would negatively affect all bordering private property owners, where planned designations would overlap and also cut off access to the much enjoyed open recreational lands. Quinault learned some of these areas chosen for mock protection, were surrounding Quinault's pioneer Community as well as other areas in Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam counties. In fact this plan would enormously effect EVERY Olympic Peninsula county through the designations of Wild and Scenic Rivers alone!   THE TAKING OF OUR WATERS.

  Quinault and the other rural unincorporated adjoining communities, were left out of the information loop, because of the long history of abuse by Olympic National Park (the Federal bureaucrats and Quilcenes "Save the Earth"worshipers, would build their campaign around).

The offices of Wa. states  Ex-U.S Congressman Norm Dicks (forced to resign) and both U.S. Senator's Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell all denied any prior collusion with the Pew groupies amid rumors "caught in the wind" by the whistleblower In fact they had a 2 year jump start conjuring the Land Grab with D.C's Pew co-conspirators and congressional aids in Olympia, before meeting with us. 
That was their 1st lie.

This team (Dicks/Murray/Cantwell ) purposely hid their knowledge to conspire with the Washington D.C. pew environmental party, to  organize the plan to GRAB Land  and Water for mock Preservation "and for other purposes". Other purposes indeed.  

Note:  Norm Dicks was soon forced to retire amid several scandalous rumors of misused funds and cover ups. Evidently there is something to those huge donkey eared democrats.

   Over time the congressional team brought out a conglomeration of several sets of maps, supposedly with revisions:  made just like the first (courtesy of Pew Group).  However, these Maps were topographical ONLY; an artistic rendition at best. Very vague and more intrusive.

Quinault refused to play this game of
charades by immediately nitpicking the details. It was the consequences of this plan that concerned us: federal park plans that  never seem to change. ONP has been a continual burden to the historical pioneer communities of Amanda Park, Quinault and Clearwater for over a century! 


This is where it gets serious with us at the Scam

The problem with new proposed Wilderness - No Access. No Management. No new Trails No existing trail repair.  Catastrophic fire danger made worse. Thousands of acres each year are consumed by wildfires in wilderness areas.  Within the wilderness law is the "Let it Burn" rule prohibiting interference to extinguish them. They must be left to burn out naturally. This is absurdity in itself. This huge Quinault Ridge area that is up for re-designation, borders state Hwy 101 on the west and the Colonel Bob Wilderness area on the east side. The dividing road, an important access link, will be removed.

  This new wilderness has
cell phone towers (with an access road) to the top. This is a public summer recreation area with 3 connected communities. It is simply UN-suitable for wilderness. It will actually make the remaining use areas more congested more restricted. Fire danger is a constant threat! The exact opposite of the environmentalists intended goals.  Or is it?  
Unsuitable for Wilderness.


Olympic National Park News Release 

New Wilderness Stewardship Plan

WE WERE there in opposition

   They will steward nothing. They will all be counting the crushed dandelions trammeled by use, assessing trends and limiting access. That is the Wilderness Plan.  WE suspect it will be expensive as no local jobs will be created, no new trails opened; which will be in agreement with their responsibility as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere. They deny this.

  WE are pleased to learn re-locating wolves is NOT part of the plan at this time. Everyone wants a better Park! 1 Million Acres of Park Wilderness is clearly enough; expanding the boundaries, or creating additional wilderness will be a critical detriment for its protection.

  Will Wild and Scenic Rivers have no impact on the ONP; as the Wild Olympics supporters claim? You will learn that it will be disastrous, as it impacts all the rural communities, the property rights of homeowners and more than likely will wreck more environment. Washington State has even passed a law prohibiting the picking on public access land of wild berries w/o permit of course. 

New Scam! - Sept 2014  


Big Government is always trying to make your piece of the pie just a little bit smaller !

Do you ever feel like a lemon being squeezed?


The problem with Wild and Scenic
The "ACT" authorizes the unlimited purchase of additional lands: 1/4 mile on each side of the river.
 More restrictions on use and access will result
 Buffer zones will be put in place on private lands. (see SMP)

 Pay Attention here. It is very important to understand our objections.

This link will spell it out scam essay   Wild and Scenic
lets get started and examine the crucial details of the law and its judicial review.

Our Rivers Are Already Wild Scenic And Protected

There's a bigger problem if you live here in Quinault
 Neilton or Amanda Park.

 We know "first hand" what a horrible mistake this would be. The Park has been busy buying properties and demolishing good homes on north shore for years. See The Northshore Documents.

On South Shore of the Quinault River ONP has deliberately caused the river to destroy a wonderful wetlands/habitat area; and because it was on private property, failed to save it!

Finley Creek -Environmental Damage  ONP alters the natural watershed for their benefit on the north side of the Quinault River to the detriment of the south side. This is what has happened. Scam essay   Documents of proof of  illegal tampering that changed the course of the Quinault River.
 Request for information concerning current on going 12 year project.  Response. WE have discovered them over
extending their usage permit, so that much of the work was done on outdated permits. What happens if you do that?

Lost habitat
Our story. No-one but the park puts a D9 Cat in the creek bed, and changes the river.

 Quinault Residents And Their History Will Be Removed Next
     If The Wild Olympics Act Becomes Law

Scam Exclusive
Eudies story: From the book Rain Forest by Elizabeth Marston. We have been permitted to publish this wonderful account about the "other time" back in '38 when the pioneers were run off their homesteads to make the Park and given what was  a "pittance for their property" according to her daughter, Phyllis Miller, a lifetime resident of Amanda Park.

Submitted by: Pearl Rains Hewett

The problem with creating more Park- It is big enough already! (922,000 ++ acres). They can't or won't manage what they have now. The ONP $350 million maintenance backlog (as of 2011) is estimated to have grown to $500 million (2014 data) and climbing
national backlog is in the neighborhood of $10 Billion! (as of 2011)
. NPS 2014 backlog data is not currently available, but most likely has also exceeded the 2011 report.

 Where Are The Campgrounds? -Promised since the spotted owl decision? and jobs? Visitors to the Park have been disappointed year after year, with road and trail closures. Where did the funds go? Ask ex-Congressman Norm Dicks.

 The Big Cedar Trail - Just off north shore road, was closed for 2 months. short trail to the worlds largest cedar
 July Creek -Former North Shore campground on Lake Quinault, now day-use only. Danger from falling limbs   from immense cedars and Douglas firs.

Whiskey Bend - Another important north entrance road to the railhead closed this year (2011).

 Graves Creek Rd. -Gateway to the Enchanted  Valley now closed (2011). No admittance.

 Where is Pyrites Creek Trail now?... as well as... Rustler Creek Trail, Promised Creek Trail, Litchy Creek Trail, Tschletshy Creek Trail, Howe Creek Trail and Finley Peak Trail?

 Taking Of Olympic National Park 1938
By Pearl Pains Hewett

An Economic Disaster for all affected areas

One of the area signs that wild olympic supporters
 stole and tossed into the Quinault river

 The Colonel Bob Trail- Scam-essay This popular Wilderness trail closed for 4 years. Unable to facilitate repairs since a high velocity wind  storm took down the mountain tops. First regulations and then protest from the environmentalists stopped our efforts. No Chainsaws Allowed! to clear the buried trail.
Fact- Our "backyard mountain tops are a blown down mess,"  We are denied being able to clean it up.  Fire is a great concern and could take the Quinault Valley out with it. 

The USFS directive - 2/10/2011 "To promote healthy and vibrant communities"

 The Humptulips River - "Wild Olympics"  purposely crafted their plans to keep their short walking trails outside of wilderness designations, for the benefit of just 1 kind of user, THEMSELVES. Road closures exclude all others. Fair or selfish? Many river bars that provide excellent recreation and family camping may no longer be used with "Wild and Scenic" river designations.  Their is absolutely nothing in this plan for senior citizens.  Sunday drives through the back country won't be possible.  The loop trails around Quinault are not wheelchair accessible.  

 The Upper Metheny - An area all enjoy visiting frequently. Road closures have already sectioned off vast acreage for the protection of wildlife. This is another very healthy and productive forest, with rivers and creeks that do not need more protecting.

 Queets Clearwater -The main road in from Hwy101 by the Clearwater School has been cut-short and closed for several years from washout. The campground closed. West Boundary Rd.  is the only south access into the entire upper Queets river region (the north access will all be bought for park).  The "Wild Olympics" result is that this premier river with it's huge watershed will be inaccessible and unseen by all but a very few. Queets Ridge is a perfect example of a well managed working forest and recreation area in harmony. Essential school trust land. Future timber value would surely dwarf the $900 million. Mineral Resources are also found here. 

 Environmental Damage by ONP to the Queets River. reported and documented by Cliff Hay.

Range Magazine did a study
Where will visitors go?  

In Quinault they will all be funneled into the same place, with no place to go! Campground space is very limited when open, rooms get sold out (in summer only), activities are restricted. You are offered a short gravel packed nature trail where one can dream of being in a primeval wilderness whilst viewing a hillside decimated with blown down rotting timber. You may even succeed in deceiving yourself that this is old-growth timber! Then you will leave your
plastic refuse, buy gas and drive on to the next corporate offering.

Who and What Will The Park be Advertising?

"Come see the Wilderness"? ....."You won't even have to leave your car, because we've brought the Wilderness to you"!  "Our loop trails have all been excluded from these extra protection designations".... "You will be able to comfortably walk a short 1 mile trail into the Olympic National Rain Forest".

 The few workers in Quinault are mostly seasonal and no longer qualify for  unemployment benefits .... Corporate Aramark who bought out our beautiful locally owned and operated Lake Quinault Lodge,  has instituted an order to reprimand employees who discuss the controversial issue of "Wild Olympics"with inquiring guests who have seen our signs.

"We are Partners of the Park" they boast; while striving to become a monopoly for all Olympic Park accommodations, as with other State and National Parks nationwide. Unfortunately Striving to answer customer inquiries is not on their agenda.
Lake Quinault Lodge is an historical land mark in our local pioneer community. Since it's construction in 1926 it served as a  roost for outdoor enthusiasts visiting the Quinault area. Our Lodge always provided warmth and welcoming by locals that were employed there.
The compassion local residents have for this landmark and it's history is by no means to be taken lightly.

As one former employee put it. "We love our Lodge. We just don't like what Aramark came in and did to it". They took out our Pioneer  and Native American furnishings and modernized it. I don't know. They removed it's character and the cultural arts it proudly represented and  now promote only the Park". It's a whole different feeling.  You can still enjoy the beautifully hand built  fireplace, but the warmth and natural atmosphere in the lobby is missing. It transformed into more of a hotel then the cozy  get-a-way, that made it so popular".

Note: Aramark also holds monopoly's in restaurant/food service, sports/stadium events and many other  corporate owned facilities chains Aramark Corp. is a Philadelphia based corporation.


Other Threats to Our Peninsula Public Lands

The Nature Conservancy

Note: 2014 The Natures Conservancy quietly makes land deal with Rayonier and grabs 2,300 acres of  prime forest resource land on Queets Ridge for preservation and conservation. The collaboration took place under the public radar. Deal done and ready to be signed the day after the required public notice.  Rayonier requested The Natures Conservancy wait for the public announcement  of this land mass they would be selling, until the deal was in place and ready to be signed.  
More prime resource land leaves the public opinion behind knowing it would never produce tax revenue again. The Natures Conservancy (TNC) now owns many parcels on the Olympic Peninsula for these same purposes. Preservation and experimentation.

Where does TNC get all that money?
Who they pay, where it goes and more
 Over $8 billion In ASSETS

Purchasing Olympic Peninsula lands? Just say no
Our Government has dished them out hundreds of thousands in grants to be used for land acquisition and pet conservation projects this year. Tax grant money from our pockets. The conservancy has their hands out everywhere. They are a part of big government landlords. Another  PPP. The Natures Conservancy purchases land nationwide.

More Land Sir?

Pearl Rains Hewett's in-depth coverage on; The Natures Conservancy


Map of the Clearwater parcel

Clearwater Residents And History Will Be Removed.
Their annual pioneer celebrations on the river bar will not be allowed. This celebration has been a tradition for over 100 years.

150 Acres of Olympic Peninsula Public Land grabbed, and


up, for the

Taylor Checkerspot Butterfly.

By a Military Base In California? By Pearl Rains Hewett - Read On

Lake Ozette 
The loss of these productive lands would disrupt the sustainable harvest cycles that have taken the last 30 yrs to develop,  since the spotted owl decision.  WE GROW TREES!  A natural cycle for renewable future resources forever.  Mismanagement has destroyed private property and burned down shelters to be replaced with  improper trail construction. A proverbial Smoking Gun of criticisms! and more environmental damage by ONP

Another Ozette deal
One of many this year. Why should the NP buy land from the government granted Cascade Land Conservancy? Thats not right. They bought it for conservation reasons didn't they? Then let Cascade pay to manage it!

Dabob Bay And another land swap around Quilcene. It's all like a big checkerboard, or is it a sleight of hand "pea in the shell" game?

The National Parks Traveler
This describes the La Push land swap. 785 acres for the tribes safety (we were all for that part) BUT  the 4100 acres was not tribal land.  It doesn't work that way. So much for so little? A very strange set of accounting procedures by Miss Cantwell and the ONP.
Do you think they are happy about giving up their beach? Guaranteed on down the line they will regret allowing government intrusion. SB3222

The 4100 acres
The people around Lake Crescent aren't too happy. SB3222
These homeowners are getting the same squeeze put on them.
Why this particular 4100 acres land grab?  Cantwell/Dicks proposed to help the Tribe, but why must this be at their expense?

We Respectfully and Rightfully Requested

1. A complete list of any currently found environmental threats including the Finley Watershed.

 ONP will  still  not fully admit to their errors in the 14 years of excavation in Finley creek (a main watershed runoff) into the Quinault. Destroying while they claim to be preserving. Bull trout habitat was almost destroyed by their neglect of their  fatal error.
know it alls  refuse to take the blame.

2. An overlay map of the peninsula including all roads and trails,   please acknowledge and define areas of the decommissioned roads, roads  scheduled for decommissioning and those left that are working roads.


A complete data survey of these areas in question

     We have accurately disputed their proposed boundary claims; that areas available for tree thinning would not be included. THEY ARE Significant errors have been found. Or are these errors intentional?  hoping we wouldn't notice?
 The vague claims by Wild Olympics Campaign are unsuitable, as a basis for government regulations that restrict the freedom of access to public lands. The negative impacts on the economies of bordering communities will be a disaster.

This plan warrants 3-5 years to evaluate data.
 This should have been done before the bill was ever submitted to congress.

 In the end, Quinault was hit hard and being punished 
for it's resistance, and receives   MORE land confiscation.

Since the creation of the Olympic National Park, the federal government (by way of ONP) has been removing private property through harassment, condemnation, boundary extensions, added buffer zones among many other agency rulings, to force in holders to become "willing sellers" as a means for human removal. The "willing seller" myth might better be explained here. Willing Seller.   

Here is the official version: what was/and still is going on
 Bigger version map
If you want a fresh map of the original ask Norm Dicks and Patty Murray
They didn't bother to bring any accurate maps to their meetings.  Actually they never came to any of their meetings. Office gophers instead were sent to make a deal.
To present us with vague topographical maps and few answered questions.
Do you suppose they didn't want to leave any of this foolishness behind to actually be studied?
Below is how it all started and where it has gone from here.

Wilderness you'll see in Yellow - Dark green is already added wilderness

Current Park (most of the peninsula) in brown 

And light green is Forest Service


 A bigger Park Addition.
 With no "legal" bases for the take. Just because it would be nice.

School Trust Lands and Private Lands are HIT.
 National Park boundaries extended by using the
"willing seller/buyer" hoax as a funding substitute

WE stopped them in their tracks in round 1!

Congress Came Knocking Again

This time again adjusting acres of Forest Service Land
RE-Designated to become
a variety of mixed designations

part being designated as locked up wilderness and adding 21 rivers to the mix.
 "Wild and Scenic" bringing with it added buffer zones and restricted land use to
 Private Property Owners
The maps basically stayed the same and unchanged.

 In May of 2010 Dicks/Murray take out some $$$$$$$
They made it appear to be a compromise by removing a few acres
that wild and scenic would take automatically.

Another hidden attack that was supposed to go under our radar.

 From round 2 they removed the "willing Seller" clause 
by reducing the park expansion to partial wilderness.
Wilderness they said would not be maintained (due to the wilderness Act).
This was a move to avoid our concerns and cost of added backlog.
The current backlog they refused to address

This was NO compromise.
Congress can easily authorize a willing seller anytime.

The Norm Dicks Wild Olympics Legacy plan was nothing but HOT AIR.   
Patty Murray's "last chance" cry to save our "treasures" and Norms "claim to fame" legacy?
More HOT AIR that would return
to burn the roots from our local communities
and kill our jobs for green urban lobby teams. 


And neither will we

How Wild Olympic Supporters responded to
Peninsula Residents Opposition


Wild Olympics Campaigners - The Real Destroyers and Polluters of The Environment?

Though Wild Olympics meddling environmentalists claim we are an aggressive group of citizens, here is proof positive that the words of truth are unbearable to these deceitful followers. These great environmental protectors have an odd way of respecting our land and rivers here in our beautiful valley.  Perhaps these are the types of things they do in their own neighborhoods, but we don't welcome it here amongst our peaceful rural family homes.



    4 separate "private properties" on the South Shore of Quinault were once again invaded by intruders that did not agree with our recent billboards. We do not welcome this kind of aggression into our community. Several other acts of vandalism from these "green" opponents have also occurred in our neighborhoods; that they have come to claim for themselves.
Thanks to scam agent Doug for the heroic rescue in removing our billboards from the river.
We care about our land and waters and do not approve of these invasive actions against us.  Who are the invasive species here? And who are the endangered ones?

It was not surprising that Dicks, Murray, Cantwell and Kilmer  sided with these criminal aggressors.
Birds of a feather do indeed flock together.


 even more criticism for "Wild Olympics" 
 Saving Quinault  
 by Brooke Dorhofer


Discussions start 2005

2005 Quinault River Geomorphic Investigation

2009  Logjam Report
From the NW Indian Fisheries Commission. Note:  last line of report, "if funding is secured."
Last year no work was done.

2010   Upper Quinault River Tribal Habitat Conference - Slideshow. Very informative, but prejudicial? Ends at the loss of the Daniels' home. Are we being led to infer that home/property owners are responsible? In actuality all that damage is the result of the lack of management or mis-management by the Olympic National Park.

7/19/2911- Quinault Indian Nation Nepa Compliance PDF

Winter-2011 Wild Salmon Center- mitzubishi -Quinault donor

2012 planning Quinault River Restoration Engineered Log Jam 

Fetherston Quinault RRNW Presentation 2012_S7.pdf

June 18, 2013 Quinault Indian Reservation  Project Summaries

Apr 14, 2014 Nuggam


Halted and no work scheduled 2013, 2014

What does this tell us? $350 million dollars worth of ONP maintenance backlog under Norm Dicks, along with project costs for 14 years of on-going land manipulation in the Finley watershed within  park boundaries.  This work has been a contributing cause, to what has been estimated as a
 $120 million dollar river project fix (their fingers crossed), in the hopes of restoring the river, the lost salmon and  endangered Bull-trout habitat.

 The project creators hope to know in 30 years, if this project "study" will work to repair the damage to the Quinault River. They will know if the desired results (their vision) will be established in 100 years.

UPDATE AUG. 2014 - After NO funding for a permanent fix. Miraculously then came up with money a few weeks later. to begin (without future secured funding) what would take years to implement.

Current cost to the Taxpayer is over $4 million to date  on the Quinault Recovery project,  necessary to repair the damage to wildlife and salmon habitat due to mis-management by ONP and WDFW while theTribe held their hands.

Other River impact problems within the park

Elwa Dam Removal - Suit Filed By 4 Environmental Groups over Salmon Recovery. A few members of these groups are the same ones that helped craft the "Wild Olympics" for Dicks and Murray.
The Sue and Settlers

OK take a pause on that because
there is more wild stuff on the way:



Shoreline Mapping Plan/UN Agenda 21 Implementations
The encroaching restrictions to control our constitutional
 Land and Water rights on private properties
Coming to Grays Harbor 2014

Grays Harbor County Shoreline Management Plan - SMP

Quinault Indian Nation Lead Entity

WRIA 21 Quinault Indian Nation Lead Entity - shorelines (SMP)

Here is news from Clallam & Jefferson counties already under attack
 To be aware of what they are trying to steal

SMA/SMP Update Committee   -  Karl Spees - Clallam

Also check out other related links on this page

Estuaries and Coastal Watersheds | Estuaries and Coastal Watersheds | US EPA


Submitted By Pearl Rains Hewett 

 TO All WA STATE SHORELINE private property owners.

Submitted by Karl Spees
SMA-SMP Comment

By hook or by CROOK this it what is happening to our PUBLIC water supplies globally.
Corporate Water Grabs. They don't believe Water is a human right.

Pearl Raines Hewett

Letters and comments on Water control

The Washington State Dept. of Ecology has a Billion  Dollar Budget!
and Has Bloated to Over 1,616 Employees +

The EPA appointed Dept Of Ecology thugs
are to take samples from our chimneys and wells,
then condemn our septics.
New Plans Cooking in the Dept Of Ecology 
The Rain Tax

 The DOE God Tax

Agenda 21 EPA to Seize Control Over all Private Land Through Rain Water

Caution: if you have a pond on your parcel of land, or anywhere where water collects or moves, your land will seize your land!
Are you prepared?

The “RESTORATION” Shell Game

Courtesy of Pearl Rains Hewett-Behind My Back

In the state of Maryland, elected representatives and legislators, passed a $14.8 BILLION DOLLAR UNFUNDED, EPA MANDATED Rain Tax. (for storm water runoff)

 100% of the $14.8 Billion Dollars in storm water runoff tax dollars are MANDATED to be spent on the “RESTORATION” of the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.

Note: The federal government and, every state legislature, provides restoration funding for the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, spending and granting billions of our American tax dollars.

EPA section on Natural Resources
EPA In Cahoots with the U.N. and Environmental Organizations

New Proposed Changes to EPA Clean Water Act (CWA) April 2014
and the discrepancies that are being inserted

If Washington State Government
can't legally scam
 away your water to sell back to you.
They will do it by crying "DROUGHT!"


"People are more important than trees"-John Olson

We Agree with John
Wildlife depends on clearings for forage.


Trees are Renewable and Sustainable.
Trees will provide for People and Wildlife of every generation
It's all in the management

Letters Of Opposition
Just a few of the thousands of responses

Republican Party against Wild Olympics ClickHere
 Their statement against the Wild Olympics Plan........
 usual for the scam.

Statement from the G.H. Chamber of commerce ..............
Very well said! If you would like to share this....... just copy/paste and send.

Statement from the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce
"This act might do more harm than good".........
Excellent article on this National problem from Dave Skinner... and more! Plus: Quinault is in it!

Article in PDN - Kill Wild Olympics by Karl Spees

Letter from Rex Valentine sent to us via email that we like

Letter from Bill Pickell printed in The Daily World 2/03/2012

Letters and then some from Karl Spees, Pres. CAPR 13

Letter From James Walsh to the Scam

Letter From Beth De Vaul of Elma from Daily World

Letter From Jim Bower printed in the Daily world

Port Angeles Business Association supports no net-loss of forest lands

Letter From Randy Dutton

Letter - Debra Perry

Letter from Keith Olson, President of the Olympic Peninsula Natural Resources Coalition (OPNRC) comments on "Wild Olympics" campaign and the illegal Finley Creek alteration.
Go to OPNRC Facebook Page and Press the Like Button.

Destruction of critical wetlands  Olympic Peninsula Natural Resources Coalition; Article by President Keith Olson appearing in the Daily World on the destruction of critical wetlands in the Quinault Valley by Olympic National Park, causing extensive damage to private property, by violating their OWN LAWS. All has been documented.

Letter From Keith Olson on Al Carters "Fact or Fiction" Article which appeared in the Daily World

Letter From- Pearl Rains Hewett - ONP Conspiracy Exposed

Letter -Cliff Hay Response to Murray's Re-introduction of Wild Olympics 2013

"The Wild Olympics bill is an affront to the property rights of US citizens...and even the State of WA. It was conceived in corruption by the disgraced former congressman Norm Dicks. It's a job-killer and a "dog whistle" to private-sector businesses that they aren't wanted in this region. Derek Kilmer lied about being undecided on this issue. He's a big govt statist who swindles low-info voters w/ talk of being moderate."
James Walsh

Grays Harbor/Pacific County Farm Bureau Introduces Policies To Wa. State Farm Bureau To Oppose Agenda 21 and Wild Olympics - Both Pass!

A Policy Opposing Any More Fed. Land Acquisition Before Maintenance Backlogs On Existing Lands Are Met, Was Also Submitted By GH/PCFB - Passed!

Watch where these policies go. Often these types of  policies can remain open and ongoing. They can be subjects of repeal by those that disagree. This is a first step. But will it be upheld?



   Public Awareness has begun to spread concerning the U.N. Agenda 21 takeover of the American soil. Step by step our current government administration under Obamas "green rule" have diligently been pushing towards implementing U.N. policies at local, state, and federal levels. Actually this has been occurring ever since the Bill Clinton days. Yep! good old Billy Boy set up the whole U.S. trap: a snare that would cripple the American economy and open the door to U.N. invasion of our land and assets. 

Adding our federal lands to all U.N. labeled National Heritage or National Monument sites, plus the special U.N. Biosphere sites; (the Olympic National Park now being both) allows the U.N. to exert control on these properties.   A partnership that sucks up of our tax dollars annually (22%) to support the "good of all global nations" in the name of the environment. Obama is possibly booting for 33%.
Here is a map, related to U.N. Agenda 21. Population Move  This is where we are headed. They are moving fast to implement it.  You will WANT to see this map.  

GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT - a peak at whats really behind the unconstitutional implementations of the (U.N. structured) Growth Management Act that has been in the making since the Clinton first agreed to sell us down the river to foreign dictating reigns of conspirators.

Grays Harbor County Growth Management Act

Pearl Rains Hewett Clallam County ONP inholder has outlined sources to reference, that may

interest you to do further research on...



 Make copies of this flyer
 Another message from Rene'
interesting statisticsconcerning legal drugs AND school shootings

Author and researcher Rene Holaday explains in detail the role of the U.N. AGENDA 21 referred to as "Sustainable Development" aka "The Growth Management Act" that has been years in the making by the elitist rogue government, working from inside the United Nations.

The Perils of Sustainable Development
-Book Review

  A book by Rene' Holaday available at Amazon. A wealth of research and information presents a powerful statement that will connect the dots of U.N. Agenda 21 and leave you convinced that this plot is real, not  rumor.  The Wildlands Project
  Rene' is a resident of Washington State and is now running for Senate Appointee of the 7th District. We need honesty, integrity and constitutional minded professionals in our government. She is the real deal and working intently to paint for us the true picture of what has been taking place behind the closed doors of the United Nations and current U.S. involvement.


Below are 2 excellent videos that will explain in very clear language Agenda 21; it's creation, what it is and the plan for a small U.N. panel of global elitists for their "BIG WORLD" government scheme.
The U.N.Agenda 21 outline Under 5 min...... Short Clip

U.N. Agenda 21 and the reasonings behind it .....(EXCELLENT!) .... Full Version  1hr 29 min.
Apparently The U.N. socialists feel America  has too much of everything and are calling it unfair to the rest of the nations in the world. Are you ready to give up most everything you have worked for?  Because it is not fair? Socialists leaders don't let their prison populations have those privileges, do they?  Please share these videos with everyone!

A general overview  of UN Agenda 21

American Thinker
Reasons why some might not like the UN Agenda 21 implementation

The Cascade Land Conservancy
Is behind this next one. Announcing their Olympic Agenda!

The Olympic Agenda
A pdf. file of related interest. If it says "agenda," We dont like it!

Citizen Review Online
Olympic Park Associates and UN Agenda 21


Agenda 21- Out to conquer the Nation.

Obamas - Agenda 21 Alert

Agenda 21 Rio+20 United Nations Conference
links on "GLOBAL GOVERNANCE"  and the UN Sustainable Development plan

Wildlands Plan
Overview of why we are losing our lands. The"Wildlands Project" is sweeping the country.

 This is one important link from Sue Forde and Forks in Jefferson County:
Clallam County Reacts to UN Agenda21 and asks their commissioners to oppose it

GOP Rejects UN Agenda 21

In our Classrooms - Shared by Pearl Rains Hewett

Great Article from Natural News   Hijacked natural system - that is being weaponized in the war against us, the natural-born humans, the rightful heirs of creation.

Iron Mountain Report (Guide line for implementing Agenda 21)

Agenda 21 smart goals

Agenda 21 Course

9-States Outlawed Agenda 21 to protect-property-rights

Sustainable Development in Washington State - Rene Holaday - Author of Perils Of Sustainable Development.







Call any Congressman to leave a message at (202) 224-3121

Call any Senator at (202) 225-3121


Will the west be RE-won?
See what the federal Government has already
"Acquired" In the Western U.S.

Map Of Federal Owned Land by State


What's Up in 2014?
 New Developments In The Wild Olympics Scam
Bibbity Bobbity Boo
Collabory Gabbery Goo
There's a Huge Nix In The Bag Of Tricks.
Congressman Kilmer "Comes Out Of The Closet"

Kilmer: on Wild Olympics 2014

The Blanket Comes Off?
Guess who's under them?

Also Check out the
War Games Coming to the Olympic Peninsula
Congressman Kilmer is out to "save the planet" by playing ring around the peninsula
He claims concern over our natural environment and a possible noise or footprint that might scar our Public forested lands or endanger our wildlife.. While blowing hot air and nonsensical gibberish about maintaining a natural pristine environment. Just how concerned is he?
Check out the lack of transparency this guy let slip under OUR radar.
Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) training exercises and mobile EW emitters (micro-waving) to be placed around the Olympic Peninsula on our U.S. Forest Service lands (public) and also DNR lands are being considered. What the hell is electronic Warfare?
 Pearl Rains Hewett on Electronic Warfare. Pearl has done her home work.
The results of her research does not paint a pretty pristine picture.
Pearl Rains Hewett The Biological Effects of Electronic Warfare

He just let slip under the rug?
on the land, in the skies and in the sea on the OLYMPIC PENINSULA

Be sure to purchase your discovery pass before you can park your car to enter these areas or you will receive a $99 ticket for parking on forestservice land without a pass.

Kilmer though being on
forgot to mention the plan to bring federal military presence into our Public USFS and DNR lands forests he claims he wants to preserve with no footprints. A quiet ptristine wilderness area for wildlife and natural sounds of nature. He forgot to mention the earth shattering Growler jets that will be in our skies over the Olympic National Park and ajoining forestlands 260 days out of each year, training for war.
Now go pat your U.S. 6th district congressman on the back
for honoring us with blind folded transparency.

Kilmer out to save the environment?
Kilmer is out to grab land for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT anyway he can get it. When all else fails (like the failure he's been)
Bring in the NAVY!!!!!! and then blame them for failure to notify the public before comments closed.  
Health impacts of Electromagnetic Pollution

The Birds and the Bees

Pacific Northwest EW Range Draft Environmental Assessment

The Olympic Peninsula, Pacific NW Electronic Warfare draft environmental assessments, maps and sites,
are identified on the maps as Olympic A MOA and Olympic B MOA
Final EA - Naval Facilities Engineering Command - U.S. Navy

are identified on the maps as Olympic A MOA and Olympic B MOA

Dead ears in Dead places
Kilmers Response to Electronic Warfare


Special Feature-Local Pictures

Chemtrails over Quinault Rivers and Watersheds
What is happening in the sky's above our rural areas?
Alarming, high aerial activity has been taking place over our wildlands.
Jets with nozzles emitting mystery white trails,

Instead these trails hang suspended and SPREAD . These trails bring with them, a drop in atmospheric temperature and blanket the sky with milky webs that are dispersed from the trails. Close-ups from a high quality camera,  actually shows the bursting mystery particles falling out from the trails. 
    We submitted an in-person report to Congressman Kilmer during his visit to Amanda Park Aug. 2013 
We Took Pictures. Lots of them! over just a couple of days. Our questions were: What are they spraying in the skies? and who is doing it? He appeared alarmed and concerned (was he really?) He promised a room full of residents he would provide us with an answer SOON. We can't seem to get one. It's now been over a year and several letters later. This air activity still continues today. All day. Every day.  


Should we thank our congressman for his "promised" administrative


The Dept of Agriculture and United Nations
Testimonial on Chem trailing
What's the problem Derek?
We realize this  "New kind of congress"  doesn't read
But can you hear?
Hello? Is there any body in there? Anybody at all?

Weather Wars-Climate Engineering 

Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization - chemtrails

Geo engineering: Destroying the Atmosphere - Rosalind Peterson

HAARP Weather Modification

Flooding, Droughts and Freak Weather Patterns

Rampaging the U.S. 

If Washington State Government can't legally scam
 away your water to sell back to you.

They will do it by crying "DROUGHT!"

If you happen to have a mere $150,000 kicking around

you can purchase now purchase the atmosphere

of your desired choice

Cloud Seeding Guarantees Perfect Wedding Weather

Weather Manipulation is happening on a global scale yet 

Washinton State Congress Kid-Kilmer is either in denial

or (shhhh) keeping it a 'secret'.



The Scam Highly Recommends

 Pearl Rains Hewett

    Pearls' treasure trove of extensive research  will keep you up-to-date on all "wild" related issues everyday.  Pearl is never short for words. Visit her website.  You'll find answers to all the "wild" questions concerning the planned TAKEOVER of our private properties, public recreational lands and waters, to decommission  trails and lock up access for more "someday wilderness".  This will deny the public, use of the land that was given to ALL people, in perpetuity to enjoy for All future generations to come. The profound affects and overlapping encroachment the "War On Wild",  continues to bring to private properties, recreational users and the abundance of Olympic Peninsula natural resource working forests are undeniable. Pearl will furnish you with the FACTS and the FICTIONS surrounding W.O.W.      Pearls War on Wild and the thousands that agree with her.

An observation on “WILD” from Pearl Rains Hewett
WILD OLYMPICS -  over 300 million are deprived the full use and enjoyment of the public land.


"Who Feels It Knows It"- Bob Marley
Desolation Row by Bob Dylan


ONP and The Peoples Fight to Save the Enchanted Valley Chalet
April 2014
Going In The Drink
The People Take Action Immediately
Historical Enchanted Valley Chalet
Update June 28 2014 - Still No response from ONP or Congress. Please continue to contact these 2 entities - As usual our elected and the NPS has refused to recognize their legal obligation and responsibility  to preserve the pioneer heritage.
The Chalet was moved!
Sept. 2014 by volunteers

Update 2015
 Enchanted Valley Chalet Closes 
(because someone was feeding the bear)


Other Informative groups and organizations

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Citizens Alliance Property Rights
We encourage you visit CAPR 13  and make a donation of any size to this hard working volunteer staff of dedicated  workers and researchers that strive to protect property rights by bringing awareness to the people of flaws and failures in proposed legislation.  CAPR13 covers a wide range of issues created by overreaching government regulations at a local, state and federal level. 
CAPR works for YOU!
Check it out

Pacific Legal Foundtion
Unconstitutional Cases , cracked wide open.
Specializing in bringing perpetrators to their knees.
They're Awesome!

American Land Rights
Working to stop land grabs nationwide
and to protect public and private property rights, water rights and freedom.
If it concerns property, water and legislative actions to take it.
CAPR has information you will not want to miss.

The Freedom Foundation
Covering All issues related to government over-reach and
violations that
inhibits your Bill of Rights
brought to the publics attention.

Olympic Peninsula Natural Resource Coalition
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A Local Quinault Community Coalition for

The APC Freedom Messenger
This is a news site reporting Agenda 21 issues

Please support Pearl Rains Hewett
Working to save your public lands and private property rights
Behind My Back

BOOKS and DVD's of interest.
 A look into
whats behind some of todays scams.

We Encourage All  "Stop Wild Olympics"  supporters to also
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 Samples and ideas.


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