The Wild Olympics Scam


Have you seen this sign?
On these pages you will find the info:


His groupies list reads like a who's-who's of enviromental radicals, which also sponsor 100's of EPA lawsuits, many pending against our state.

These same groups seek to profit from million$ in grants for many dubious environmental related projects with little accountability.
Do you see or smell a conflict of interest here?
This diversion of funds is draining us dry.
The 'Others' are the 'Wild Olympics' crowd sponsored and paid for by millions from the Pew Group
Timber companies will be thrown a bone to co-operate.

We are going to be ignored

We are all the people of the peninsula who will lose,
if our renewable resource is squandered and then left to rot in wilderness designations that lock us out.
nearby property becomes buffer zone
subject to regulations
Our communities will all continue to suffer the consequences.that have been occuring
since the Spotted Owl decision




UN Civilian Weapons Disarmament

 no thanks to murray/cantwell  

Chemtrails over Quinault Rivers and Watersheds
What is happening in the sky?
The basis of our in-person report to Congressman Kilmer at the Quinault meeting
He promised us an answer
We can't seem to get one

Olympic National Park News Release 1/23/13 New Wilderness Stewardship Plan

WE WERE there in opposition

   They will steward nothing. They will all be counting the crushed dandelions trammeled by use, assessing trends and limiting access. That is the Wilderness Plan.  WE suspect it will be expensive as no local jobs will be created, no new trails opened; which will be in agreement with their responsibility as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere. They deny this.

  WE are pleased to learn re-locating wolves is NOT part of the plan at this time. Everyone wants a better Park! 1 Million Acres of Park Wilderness is clearly enough; expanding the boundaries, or creating additional wilderness will be a critical detriment for its protection.

  Wild and Scenic Rivers will have no impact on ONP despite the Wild Olympics supporters claim. You will learn that it will be disastrous as it impacts all the rural communities here and the property rights of homeowners; valley after valley within our marvelous river systems.


The Scam Highly Recommends

 Pearl Rains Hewett

Pearls' treasure trove of digging out the facts website keeps us all up-to-date on everything everyday. This sweet but amazing little ol' grandmother is never short for words. Visit her website and see!

 The Perils of Sustainable Development -Book Review
  A book by Rene' Holaday available at Amazon. A wealth of research and information presents a powerful statement that will connect the dots of Agenda 21 and leave you convinced that this plot is not just a  rumor.  The Wildlands Project
  Rene' is a resident of Washington State and is now running for Senate Appointee of the 7th District. We need honesty, integrity and constitutional minded professionals in our government. She is the real deal and working intently with the truth and facts representing US.

 Make copies of this flyer
 Another message from Rene'
interesting statisticsconcerning legal drugs AND school shootings


Shoreline Mapping Plan/UN Agenda 21 Implementations
The encroaching restrictions to control our constitutional
 Land and Water rights on private properties
Coming to Grays Harbor Soon
Here is news from Clallam & Jefferson counties already under attack
 To be aware of what they are trying to steal from us now.
The Washington State Dept. of Ecology has a Billion  Dollar Budget!
1,616 employees
They will take samples from our chimneys and wells
then condemn our septics

                                   Also see the Scamnews Online  for more continuing info

Another look at the issues
and the "Wild Olympics" wild claims
 Saving Quinault  
 by Brooke Dorhofer


The Wild Olympics Scam:
From The Beginning

Amanda Park Washington
STOP Wild Olympics Headquarters
A big thank you to supporter Jim Carlson for donating the use of this building.

   As many of you now know there is now AGAIN another new plan from Congressman Norm Dicks/Murray/Pew Wild Olympics group. Their prior collusion of this environmental plan and it's 3 year jump start is obvious, despite the denials from the Dicks/Murray team  of their knowledge to "US" personally in Quinault. They even brought out a second set of maps made just like the first (courtesy of Pew Group).  Topographical ONLY, an artistic rendition at best. The Scam refuses to play this charades game of nitpicking the details. It is the consequences of this plan that concern us and that  never seems to change. 
   Quinault is to be punished for our resistance and is undeniably and completely encircled with this ''new" kind of Wilderness, Park (preserve) and Wild and Scenic River. Regulations that are not based on  science or proper
management.  It is set up for those that will bring the most tourism money to the exclusive benefit of the Philadelphia located and "Park Associate" ARAMARK Corporation and to -


  There is no written plan for any valid scientific, economic or dire need to call for this type of federal  intrusion on the public lands set aside "for we the people". Norm Dicks, Patty Murray's plan for extra protection for "special treasures" and "feel good" policies in a time when our country is struggling through the worst economic crisis in history is neglect of their responsibilities as our elected "public servants" to serve us NOW.  The Norm Dicks Wild Olympics legacy plan is nothing but HOT AIR.  Patty Murray's "last chance" cry to save our "treasures", is dream world stupidity at best. Their claims of  "chainsaw madness" in rural areas are just plain false. These threats they throw so freely, are used as a veil to fool the uninformed and mislead visitors that come here for recreation and enjoyment. They claim if they don't take control of ownership it will be lost forever (it's quite apparent that these government servants aren't familiar with responsible management practices). There are NO threats here and there is NO such thing as extra protection.   Quinault is already protected under 6 very strict federal agencies.  Extra protection is a myth. Extra protection means decommission. Are you suspicious? WE ARE, and there is no guarantee that this plan as written will accurately match their vague issued maps, or corroborate with anything previously said about the proposed Bill being free of flaws that may not be immediately apparent.   Flaws that can take years to surface.  Do we need a needless spending spree of this kind and added tax burden to our already burdened nation? NO WE DON'T.  

  How much are they spending now? They are printing up money like a Mad Hatter. We will be LOSING lost taxes and incomes generated from good forestry jobs and many other business's here in Grays Harbor County and all around the Peninsula OVER and OVER again.  A never ending taxation with no purpose what so ever. Our infrastructure is being dismantled, while valuable resources are left to be wasted.  Taking responsibility in managing a healthy living forest, rather then watching dying forests deteriorate under the wilderness laws is ignorance at it's best.  Forests do not live forever and as forest deterioration gets out of hand sensible management is needed.  Wilderness does not create forestry jobs and is not in the best interest of thriving woodlands.  Grays Harbor County continues to hold the highest numbers in statewide unemployment and families in poverty. More joining the food stamp lines and broken homes that often follow.  We've witnessed all this and more.

We Respectfully and Rightfully Request: 
1. A complete list of any currently found environmental threats including the Finley Watershed- ONP will still         not admit to their error       .
2. An overlay map of the peninsula including all roads and trails,  meaning decommissioned, roads                             scheduled for decommissioning and those left that are working roads.
A complete scientific data survey of areas in question proving their competence
     We have accurately disputed their proposed boundary claims; that areas available for thinning would not be included. THEY ARE.  Significant errors have been found. Or: Are these errors intentional, hoping we don't notice?
3-5 years to study data.  This should have been done before the bill was submitted to congress. No scientific evidence has ever been provided. The vague claims by Wild Olympics are unsuitable as a basis for government regulations that restrict the freedom of access to public lands. The negative impacts on the economies of bordering communities will be a disaster.


Here is what was/is going on:
 Bigger version map
If you want a fresh map ask Norm and Patty because
they did not bother to bring any to their meetings.  Actually they never came to any of their meetings.
Do you suppose they didn't want to leave any of this foolishness behind as evidence?


NOW IT IS- 129,000 acres from 134,000 Acres of Forest Service Land
RE-Designated to become Wilderness
Thats what you see in yellow - Dark green is already added wilderness
and light green is Forest Service

as of 5/10 Dicks/Murray take out some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
 School Trust and Private Land
To extend National Park boundaries by using the
"willing seller/buyer" hoax
They talk now like this is a compromise but it is not.

Congress can easily authorize a willing seller anytime
Ask the residents of Northshore.
They always have money to buy!
with government grants from taxpayers
for PPP's to help them pull the strings.

INCREASES THE REACH OF -19 Wild and Scenic River Designations
Outlined - ALL the rivers in the park and outside too grabbing an additional
estimated 40,000- 46,000 acres.....for starters

Down to 129,000 acres from the original 210,000 Acres of Land Grab
They say it is only a change of designation.
(a designation that removes people from the area)
But what they aren't telling you is there are significant costs to implement and to manage this plan, which is not presently being funded.  Patty Murray stated publicly that Forest Service is to manage these lands on their current budget. Patty failed to mention that the FS hasn't had but a skeletal budget since 9/11.


Currently.....our efforts are being vociferously criticized
(because our signs have galvanized the local population and more)
We've been feebly attacked on overstating the value of these lands we care about.
 Why do
they place such little value on them?

Their unwritten plan seems to change like a mist; 
We would be losing in a very BIG way so much more in this deal.
Billions of Dollars
 Renewable state resources-lost! Forever!
and we've continued to prove it.
$900 million and now even more funds are being added for federal resource land grabs nation-wide. 
The LWCF funds have increased to 1.3 Billion.
 Enviro-groups have their sticky fingers out trying to grab it 
Obamas' land deal power grab
get off my lawn

This Is What They Want From Us!

 Examine the details:
Then weigh the consequences:
MORE jobs permenantly lost.  NO new family wage jobs will be created by tourism.
Perpetual Funds generated for Schools and NEEDED local services will disolve
to be replaced by:
Higher Taxes And More Fees.

Buy it again to save it?
Thats nonsense! We've been paying.
These lands are now FREE access to ALL groups
 young, old, handicapped, sportsmen and
environmentalists.  These lands are not in danger.

We have 2 words
for all these strangers from the outside;
that have contaminated their own world
with urgent desires to have ours!

This is where it gets serious with us at the Scam

The problem with new proposed Wilderness - No Access. No Management. No new Trails No existing trail repair.  Catastrophic fire danger is made worse. Thousands of acres each year are consumed by wildfires in wilderness areas.  Within the wilderness law is the "Let it Burn" rule prohibiting interference to extinguish them. They must be left to burn out naturally. This is absurdity in itself. This huge Quinault Ridge area that is up for re designation, borders state Hwy 101on the west and the Colonel Bob Wilderness area on the east side. The dividing road, an important access link, will be removed.  This new wilderness has cell phone towers (with an access road) to the top. This is a public summer recreation area with 3 connected communities. It is simply UN-suitable for wilderness. It will actually make the remaining use areas more congested more restricted. Fire danger is a constant threat! The exact opposite of the environmentalists intended goals.  Or is it?   Unsuitable for Wilderness.

The Colonel Bob Trail- Scam-essay This popular Wilderness trail closed for 4 years. Unable to facilitate repairs since the storm. First regulations and then protest from the environmentalists. Where are the jobs promised to us? Why does the USFS now rely on volunteers? These seldom seen jobs were to be abundant for locally lost employment after the last two wilderness grabs.  Did we ever see those jobs materialize? NO. Will we see them this time ? NO.  

Dangerous Trees on Hwy 101- (This area has just been a removed proposed wilderness zone) We actually had to fight to have these removed. They wanted to close the road with gates at either end during storms and and force everyone to use a much longer alternate route along a gravel road into the Quinault Indian Nation.  Unfit for timely ambulance travel during emergency situations or anyone else.

The USFS directive - 2/10/2011 "To promote healthy and vibrant communities"
Do you see a contradiction here? Maybe they mean the costly sidewalk/path from a small roadside
campground at Falls Creek to the doorsteps of Aramark owned Lake Quinault Lodge? A partner of the park, a PPP. Public Private Partnerships have become quite common with our Federal Government in their attempt to gain more property and power. A Cartel.  Care to join?

The problem with creating more Park- It is big enough already!
(922,000 ++ acres) They can't or won't manage what they have now (ONP $350 million maintenance backlog (as of 2011) and climbing as the clock ticks down into deterioration. The national backlog is in the neighborhood of $11 Billion! (as of 2011) Once again climbing. Private and public lands are state resources dedicated for the enjoyment and benefit of ALL the citizens. (State lands produced $225 million in 2010). Even when you calculate it this way.

 $225  million x 4 years = $900 million!
 x 4years = $900 million more (inflation not included)
 x 4years = Now worth over a billion 

Willing Seller Additions -Extending boundaries further, first labeled as park preserves. A willing-seller?

Queets Ridge -A perfect example of a well managed working forest and recreation area in harmony. Essential school trust land. Future timber value would surely dwarf $900 million quickly. Mineral resources are also found here.

South Fork of the Hoh, and Lake Ozette.
)The loss of these productive lands would disrupt the sustainable harvest cycles that have taken the last 30 yrs to develop,  since the spotted owl decision. Will this make logging a non-viable occupation here on the coast? WE GROW TREES!

Lake Ozette - More mismanagement issues, destroyed and improper trail construction and burned down shelters. A proverbial Smoking Gun of criticisms! Environmental damage by ONP

Tribal Rights Guaranteed By Treaty. We will need to address this more but it is sufficient to say that this detail is a whole other can of worms, and resolving it is going to up the cost buy huge amounts in the courts; Lawyers, and studies seem to go on endlessly. Wild and Scenic Rivers allows a consensual grab of Reservation.  The Quinault Tribe has now partnered up with the U.S.Federal government and United Nations under the guise of "Saving the Salmon".  The Olympic National Park has been one of the major contributing causes of the decline in the Salmon population and their spawning grounds on the Quinault river. Over 30 years of bad decision making.  Norm Dicks has held his seat for 36 dusty years.  What does this tell us? $350 million dollars worth of ONP maintenance backlog along with projects such as the 12 years of on going and unsuccessful work at Finley Creek.  This work was a contributing cause to what has been estimated as a $40 million dollar project in hopes of restoring the river and it's lost salmon habitat.                                         

Where Are The Campgrounds? -Promised since the spotted owl decision? and jobs? Visitors to the Park have been disappointed year after year, with road and trail closures. Where did the funds go Ex-Congressman Norm Dicks?

The Big Cedar Trail - Just off north shore road, was closed for 2 months. short trail to the worlds largest cedar
July Creek -Former North Shore campground on Lake Quinault, now day-use only. Danger from falling limbs from immense cedars and douglas firs.

Whiskey Bend - Another important north entrance road to the railhead closed this year (2011).

Graves Creek Rd. -Gateway to the Enchanted  Valley now closed (2011). No admittance.

Where is Pyrites Creek Trail now?... as well as... Rustler Creek Trail, Promised Creek Trail, Litchy Creek Trail, Tschletshy Creek Trail, Howe Creek Trail and
Finley Peak Trail?

  But first, remember that:
This Land Is Not In Danger!

The problem with Wild and Scenic- The "ACT" authorizes the unlimited purchase of additional lands: 1/4 mile on each side of the river. Also more restrictions on use and access will result.
Huge buffer zones will be put in place.

 Pay Attention here. It is very important to understand our objections.

 scam essay   Wild and Scenic
lets get started and examine the crucial details of the law and its judicial review.

Our Rivers Are Already Wild Scenic And Protected

There's a bigger problem if you live here in Quinault
 Neilton or Amanda Park.

 We know "first hand" what a horrible mistake this will be. The Park has been busy buying properties and demolishing good homes on north shore for years. See The Northshore Documents. (New Scam feature).

Submitted by: Pearl Rains Hewett

On South Shore of the Quinault River ONP has deliberately caused the river to destroy a wonderful wetlands/habitat area; and because it was on private property, failed to save it!
 Wild Olympics performer,
Al the Con-Carter watched it all happen while serving as County Commissioner and did nothing to prevent it! How hypocritical is that? His name will be forever linked to Environmental Destruction in the Quinault Valley

FYI- What became of Al Con Carter after being voted OUT of his county commission seat?  Al's been hired by the Wild Olympics environmental party-brats and will certainly cash in if he can pull off yet another land scam. Al has invested in real estate these days (he often boasts about owning). His latest venture is a LIQUOR STORE 
    He now knows; courtesy of  Ms. Horn and her research into the impact of unemployment and education providing a link between poverty and poverty classified schools, that is currently impacting the entire Olympic Peninsula.
The Scam wishes to point out to shrewd-Al that there is a link between poverty and alcoholism.


Fact- Our school continues to lose students. Our "backyard mountain tops are a blown down mess,"  We are denied being able to clean it up.  Fire could burn us out!  The Wild and Scenic Act can be used to buy our precious homeland and even force us to sell through property condemnation.
It began happening here in 1938 and continues to this day. New Buffer zones are already falling into place to implement this proposal at the state level by this same elected cast of characters!  At the county level more of the same with new follow up plans that encroach upon our public lands and private property rights we are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  (shoreline mapping, park stewardship plan)
The "NEW" Partnership deal. Toll roads and infrastructure in your community are all part of this plan.
 The Scam calls this Agenda 21 Fascism.

                   Quinault Residents And Their History Will Be Removed Next
                                   If The Wild Olympics Act Becomes Law
 Taking Of Olympic National Park 1938

Finley Creek -Environmental Damage  ONP alters the natural watershed for their benefit on the north side of the Quinault River to the detriment of the south side. This is what has happened. Scam essay   Documents of proof of  illegal tampering that changed the course of the Quinault River.
 Request for information concerning current on going 12 year project.  Response. WE have discovered them over
extending their usage permit, so that much of the work was done on outdated permits. What happens if you do that?

Lost habitat
Our story. No-one but the park puts a D9 Cat in the creek bed, and changes the river.

Letter from Keith Olson, President of the Olympic Peninsula Natural Resources Coalition (OPNRC) comments on "Wild Olympics" campaign and the illegal Finley Creek alteration.
Go to OPNRC Facebook Page and Press the Like Button.

NEW 4-26-2012   Olympic Peninsula Natural Resources Coalition; Article by President Keith Olson appearing in the Daily World on the destruction of critical wetlands in the Quinault Valley by Olympic National Park. This extensive damage to private property by violating their OWN LAWS  has been documented.

Upper Quinault River
Upper Quinault River Tribal Habitat Conference - Slideshow. Very informative, but prejudicial? Ends at the loss of the Daniels' home. Are we being led to infer that home/property owners are responsible? In actuality all that damage is the result of the lack of management or mis-management by the Olympic National Park.

Logjam Report
From the NW Indian Fisheries Commission. Note:  last line of report, "if funding is secured."
Last year no work was done. Our most-despised former county commissioner, Al Carter vetoed the plan. This years plan is also slipping away.  Plans were proposed,  limited funds were found.

Current cost to the Taxpayer over $4 million to date on the Quinault River Recovery project necessary to repair the damage to wildlife and salmon habitat due to mis-management by ONP and WDFW.

Desolation Row by Bob Dylan

There also is a problem if you live in Humptulips
or the rest of Grays Harbor County

One of the area signs that wild olympic supporters
 stole and tossed into the river

Where did our land go? The places we go now will be off-limits. Unemployment continues to worsen and schools deteriorate. All because a few vacationers come out here for a couple days, think they have seen it all and want more?  Read more:    Timber Money and Schools

The Humptulips River - "Wild Olympics" Enviro's purposely crafted their plans to keep their short walking trails outside of wilderness designations, for the benefit of just 1 kind of user, THEMSELVES. Road closures exclude all others. Fair or selfish? Many river bars that provide excellent recreation and family camping may no longer be used with "Wild and Scenic" river designations.  Their is absolutely nothing in this plan for senior citizens.  Sunday drives through the back country won't be possible.  The loop trails around Quinault are not wheelchair accessible.  

                          A Working Forest Provides More Than Jobs!

The Upper Metheny - An area all enjoy visiting frequently. Road closures have already sectioned off vast acreage for the protection of wildlife. This is another very healthy and productive forest, with rivers and creeks that do not need more protecting. Keep it like it is!

Queets Clearwater
-The main road in from Hwy101 by the Clearwater School has been cut-short and closed for several years from washout. The campground closed. West Boundary Rd.  is the only south access into the entire upper Queets river region (the north access will all be bought for park).  The "Wild Olympics" result is that this premier river with it's huge watershed will be inaccessible and unseen by all but a very few. The "Wild Olympics" salesman have promoted the designations for park preserve, reserve or various other combinations with slick lingo and a list of a thousand qualifications. The truth remains that all this land may eventually be incorporated 100% park at any time. They are settling for Wilderness and future Wilderness designations now, which is even more restrictive than park.  

Environmental Damage by ONP to the Queets River. reported and documented by Cliff Hay

So where will visitors go?  They will all be funneled into the same place, with no place to go! Campground space is very limited when open, rooms get sold out (summer only), activities restricted. You are offered a short gravel packed nature trail where one can dream of being in a primeval wilderness whilst viewing a hillside decimated with blown down rotting timber. You may even succeed in deceiving yourself that this is old-growth timber! Then you will leave your
plastic refuse, buy gas and drive on to the next corporate offering.  


BTW, Will the next overpriced corporate offering be located at the Clearwater Junction? Will Aramark Corp./Partner of the Parks also control this site? They already own Quinault, then came Kalaloch, SoleduckLake Crescent Lodge and recently Hurricane Ridge. An Aramark Corp/Park monopoly?  Who will benefit the most from Wilderness encroaching upon us? 

Who and What Will They be Advertising?

"Come see the Wilderness" ....."You won't even have to leave your car, because we've brought the Wilderness to you". "Our loop trails have all been excluded from these designations".... "You will be able to comfortably walk a short 1 mile trail into the Olympic National Rainforest".

The few workers are mostly seasonal and don't qualify for costly health insurance or unemployment benefits"....Aramark has instituted an order with threat of dismissal of employees who discuss this controversial issue with inquiring guests on "Wild Olympics" though they claim they take pride in customer service.... "We are Partners of the Park" they continually boast.
The Wild Olympics Scam and Land Rights Coalitions peninsula wide urge you to

Boycott Corporate Offerings!
along with ALL other business's that  have selfishly voted
against rural Americans for profit
eering purposes of their own.


The Nature Conservancy
Where do they get all that money? Who they pay, where it goes and more. $8 billion in assets.

Purchasing land in Quinault? Just say no
Our Government dished them out millions in grants to be used for land acquisition and pet projects this year. Tax money from our pockets. The conservancy has their hands out everywhere. They are a part of big government. Another  PPP. The Natures Conservancy purchases land nationwide.

The Quinault Tribe has just joined the ringers and has recently agreed on a PPP partnership with the Federal Government and UN nation of Japan Mitzubishi to save the salmon and for other purposes promised to the tribe with our tax money.
FYI - Sept 2012 - The U.S.Forest Service just issued a $250,000 grant (our tax dollars) to help the Quinault Tribal Nations take care of the tribes health, education and welfare programs.  Fawn Sharp president of the Quinault Nation, dominates the front page of the Nugguam tribal paper
boasting about her partnerships with the same government that is leading us into fascism. Fawn Sharp continues to move the Tribal Nations away from their original culture to conform to the ways of the new world order, which may eventually take their reservations too.  

   Where is our Forest Service money and jobs?  Forest Service has no money to operate on but seems to be able to spit out $250,000 to the Tribe? The tribe is a separate Nation. If the Tribe prefers to remain it's own nation, perhaps they can earn their own way as well. 
  These partnerships of course are setting the stage for the Agenda 21 sweep (well underway) and Obama's plan for federal confiscation of our resource lands.  By Partnering with the UN the tribe also qualifys for funds under the Indigenous Peoples Act by UN law.

Map of the Clearwater parcel

Clearwater Residents And History Will Be Removed. Their annual pioneer celebrations on the river bar will not be allowed. This celebration has been a tradition for over 100 years.

scam exclusive

Eudies story: From the book
Rain Forest by Elizabeth Marston.
We have been permitted to publish this wonderful account about the "other time" back in '38 when the pioneers were run off their homesteads to make the Park and given what was  a "pittance for their property" according to her daughter Phyliss Miller, lifetime resident of Amanda Park.

Conclusion: They Really Want All The Land

We Encourage All  "Stop Wild Olympics"  supporters to also
MAKE and DISPLAY Your Own UniqueYards Signs.
 Samples and ideas

Scam links:
Elwa Dam Remove - Suit Filed By 4 Environmental Groups over Salmon Recovery. A few members of these groups are the same ones that helped craft the "Wild Olympics" for Dicks and Murray.
Another ozette deal
One of many this year. Why should the NP buy land from the Cascade Land Conservancy? Thats not right. They bought it for conservation reasons. Then let them pay to manage it!
The National Parks Traveler
This describes the La Push land swap. 785 acres for the tribes safety (we were all for that part BUT).  The 4100 acres was not tribal land.  It doest work that way. So much for so little? A very strange set of accounting procedures by Maria Cantwell and the ONP.
Do you think they are happy about giving up their beach? Guaranteed on down the line they will regret allowing government intrusion. SB3222 
The 4100 acres
The people around Lake Crescent aren't too happy. SB3222
These homeowners are getting the same squeeze put on them.
Why this particular 4100 acres land grab?  Cantwell/Dicks propose to help the Tribe, but why must this be at their expense? We must Vote Cantwell OUT. She has continually voted against rural america. She doesn't feel we should be able to own land and reside here on the peninsula. Unfortunately we are stuck with her extremism another 4 years.  Please stay updated on the policies she will be backing in 2013. She has voted down every constitutional issue we have  faced.  Is she on the peoples side? We don't think so. Just another millionaire bucking for MORE. 
Dabob Bay And another land swap around Quilcene. It's all like a big checkerboard, or is it a sleight
 of hand "pea in the shell" game?
Population Move Here is a map, related to UN agenda 21.
This is where we are headed. They are moving Fast to implement it.  You will WANT to see this map. Click on the Population Move link above
A general overview  of UN Agenda 21
American Thinker
Reasons why some might not like the UN Agenda 21 implementationThe Cascade Land Conservancy
Is behind this next one. Announcing their Olympic Agenda!
The Olympic Agenda
A pdf file of related interest. If it says "agenda," We dont like it!
Citizen Review Online
Olympic Park Associates and UN Agenda 21
Agenda 21- Out to conquer the Nation. More examples
Obamas - Agenda 21 Alert 
 Agenda 21 Rio+20 United Nations Conference 
links on "GLOBAL GOVERNANCE"  and the UN Sustainable Development plan. 
Wildlands Plan
 Overview of why we are losing our lands. The"Wildlands Project" is sweeping the country. This is one important link from Sue Forde and Forks in Jefferson County:
Clallam County Reacts to UN Agenda21 and asks their commissioners to oppose it

Grays Harbor/Pacific County Farm Bureau Introduces Policies To WA.State Farm Bureau To Oppose Agenda 21 & Wild Olympics - Both Pass !!
A Policy Opposing Any More Fed. Land Accusations Before Maintenance Backlogs On Existing Lands Were Met, Was Also Submitted By GH/PCFB - Passed !  Watch these Bills closely.

  Public Awareness has begun to spread concerning the UN Agenda 21 takeover of the American soil. Step by step our current Government administration under Obamas "green rule" have diligently been pushing towards implementing UN policies on a Local, State, and Federal level.  Adding our federal lands to all UN labeled National Heritage sites, plus the special UN Biosphere sites; (the Olympic National Park now being both) allows the UN to exert control on these properties.   A partnership that sucks up of our tax dollars annually (22%) to support the "good of all global nations" in the name of the environment.  Alex Newman wrote: "To understand the scope of such an agenda, consider that the UN considers carbon dioxide - a gas exhaled by  human beings and required by plants - to be a pollutant in need of regulation".  
Seriously folks CONTROL and TAX.  It was once a joke during the Clinton administration, that someday they would probably try to tax everyone for air space.  IT'S HERE and the UN has everything to say about it.  
GOP Rejects UN Agenda 21
In our Classrooms - Shared by Pearl Rains Hewett
Great Article from Natural News   Hijacked natural system - that is being weaponized in the war against us, the natural-born humans, the rightful heirs of creation. 
GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT - a peak at whats really behind the unconstitutional implementations of the (UN structured) Growth Management Act that has been in the making since the Clinton first agreed to sell us down the river to foreign dictating reigns of conspirators.
Pearl Rains Hewett Clallam County ONP inholder has outlined sources to reference that may interest you to do further research on.  

KEEP our resource lands under State control and management. SAY NO to WILD OLYMPICS. Reject the millions of acres to be added for more spotted owl protection.  Contact your Congressman and Senator NOW.  The bill is stalled in the House for review. Contact the head chair of the House of Natural Resources, contact Your State Legislators and urge them to vote NO.  Let them know that our tax dollars have deeper and more immediate needs within our State and Country.  Remind them that we are in an economic crisis and added wilderness "feel good" policies with a "federal stamp"is unnecessary. Let them know that the spotted owl recovery was a fares the first time and repeating  past wrongs will not create a right. Any job killing policy that provides no benefit for the health, welfare and well being for the people, can take a back seat until the country can afford to thrive once again and AFTER lost jobs are replaced.  

Informative groups and organizations

Working Wild Olympics  Sign the Petition. 
 Citizens Alliance Property Rights - We encourage you visit
CAPR 13  and make a donation of any size to this hard working volunteer staff of legal workers and researchers  that strive to protect property rights and bringing awareness to the people. of flaws and failures in proposed legislation.  CAPR13 covers a wide range of issues created by overreaching government regulations at a local, state and federal level.  CAPR works for YOU! Check it out.  Working to stop land grabs and to protect private property rights and freedom.
The APC Freedom Messenger This is a news site reporting Agenda 21 issues.

Republican Party against Wild Olympics ClickHere
 Their statement against the Wild Olympics Plan........
 usual for the scam.
Statement from the G.H. Chamber of commerce ..............
Very well said! If you would like to share this....... just copy/paste and send.
Statement from the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce
"This act might do more harm than good".........
Excellent article on this National problem from Dave Skinner... and more! Plus: Quinault is in it!
 Freedom Over Tyranny Ron Paul
4-26-2012   Olympic Peninsula Natural Resources Coalition; Article by President Keith Olson appearing in the Daily World on the destruction of critical wetlands in the Quinault Valley by Olympic National Park. This extensive damage to private property by violating their OWN LAWS  has been documented.

Article in PDN - Kill Wild Olympics by Karl Spees
Letter from Rex Valentine sent to us via email that we like
Letter from Bill Pickell printed in The Daily World 2/03/2012
Letters and then some from Karl Spees, Pres. CAPR 13
Letter From Beth De Vaul of Elma from Daily World
Letter From Jim Bower printed in the Daily world
Port Angeles Business Association supports no net-loss of forest lands
Randy Dutton - on Norm Dicks Resignation/Retirement- Seattle Times 
Letter From Randy Dutton
Letter From Keith Olson on Al Carters "Fact or Fiction" Article which appeared in the Daily World
Letter From- Pearl Rains Hewett - ONP Conspiracy Exposed

Submitted By pearl Rains Hewett - TO All WA STATE SHORELINE private property owners.

NEWAppointed EPA (a NON elected agency) plays GOD over U.S. Land and Water. Letter from Clallam County Pearl Rains Hewett  Click Here

Books and DVD's of interest - A look into whats behind some of todays scams.

Our Review Of The Politicians And Wild Olympics

Only the facts and a satirical look. Do not miss this section! Our Norm and Patty pages have updates.

Congressman Norm Dicks Sponsor of Wild Olympics Land Sweep BUSTED
 Spits Out 15.9 $Million in Family Earmarks of Taxpayers Money

Call any Congressman at (202) 224-3121

It's easier to Call and your message will get through IMMEDIATELY 
Make the Move NOW! Faxing is even better. They recieve a printed copy in their office!
Call any Senator at (202) 225-3121

Your Call Will Make a Difference.
(202) 255-3121 to leave a message for any Congressman

 (202) 225-3121to leave a message for any Senator
Nobody can do it for you

Hoquium Panel Tech Goes Under? Is Roy Knott so Smott after all?  This avid Wild Olympics supporter proves his business acumen is about as reliable as his stance for more Wilderness and Wild & Scenic; as being of such great benefit to the local population. Gee Roy, What went wrong? Got too big for your Panels? or did you run out of wood?
March 8, 2012 KXRO Radio

Daily World Article

Dont Be Fooled!

Peninsula supporters of these agenda goals are few, but this group always manages to put together a press release and get it published when they want.  They already occupy positions in our local governments.  It is only our lack of involvement that is allowing it! We MUST stop funding for these projects, identify the perps' and REPLACE them.

Are Land-Use/Restrictions Laws coming to your neighborhood too? Most likely so.  Indeed they are sticking their foot inside our doors at every turn.  Step forward and help! Volunteer your talents and use your ideas.  This organization is all the rest of us who will be left out if this act passes. The opposition has been plotting in secret for several years. Pew has  huge amounts of money and highly paid professionals. They are buying lots of advertising and have produced a slick advertising con-job. The Media follows them around like little puppies. The Aberdeen Daily World cannot print an accurate account of these events.  Is this Act a front-runner of the Agenda 21? The more research you do the more obvious it becomes.
Most  Grays Harbor organizations are outright opposed to any part of the Wild Olympics plan including county commissioner Herb Welch, Port Commissions, City Councils, Mayors, the Chamber of Commerces.

We Also Face Another Breed Of Wolves:
Environmental Extremist That Want It ALL

Ever since Washington D.C. sent Pew Environmental Group Scouts, out to disrupt and stalk our century old rural communities for federal and likely private ownership, they have brought with them havoc and harassment, to our neighborhoods and into our lives. Below is an example of the types of aggression the Quinault Valley has had to endure by these infiltrating greenies out to save it all and eventually rip us from our roots to turn it into their Disneyland specifically for urbanite usage.


Wild Olympics Campaigners - The Real Destroyers and Polluters of The Environment

Though Wild Olympics meddling environmentalists claim we are an aggressive group of citizens, here is proof positive that the words of truth are unbearable to these followers, within their empire of misconceptions and deceit. These great environmental protectors have an odd way of respecting our land and rivers here in our beautiful valley.  Perhaps these are the types of things they do in their own neighborhoods, but we don't welcome it here amongst our peaceful rural family homes.



    4 separate "private properties" on the South Shore of Quinault were once again invaded by intruders that did not agree with our recent billboards. We do not welcome this kind of aggression into our community. Several other acts of vandalism from these "green" opponents have also occurred in our neighborhoods; that they have come to claim for themselves.
Thanks to scam agent Doug for the heroic rescue in removing our billboards from the river.

It's not surprising that Dicks, Murray and Cantwell have sided with these criminal aggressors. Birds of a feather do indeed flock together.  

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"Who Feels It Knows It"- Bob Marley

"People are more important than trees"-John Olson

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