Aug 6 2013 at approx.. 4:00 P.M. PST.

Weather conditions: 100% Clear visibility from the Pacific coast inland over the Olympics and in all directions North, South, East and West at the 47  parallel. These pictures were taken from the Quinault river area approx. 37 miles as a crow flies east from the Pacific Coast line.

At approx.. 4:00 P.M. PST.
I noticed a  thin white line of that appeared to have either started or ended over a treetop bordering our property. 

Chem1 Chem2

As I walked around the other side of our home I noticed the line was wider and was very dense, giving it the appearance of tractor tread in the sky stretching inward from the coastal horizon


The trail lingered. And became more widespread and even denser then before as the sun moved closer toward the obstructive funnel of the in reaching trail. I knew by this time this was not a “natural” occurrence. Keep in mind,there was total clarity in the sky all day and evening except for the concentrated chemtrail that remained suspend in line with the sun. 

The whole trail moved with the sunset. A very common reaction of known Chem-Trails. Attracted to the sun. The heat from the sun dispersing the suspended particles.





The density grew. Smaller denser puff formations started to disperse out ward from it’s original line formation, stretching out over the Colonal Bob Wilderness   




6:00 P.M  The smaller cloud clusters began emitting their “angel-like” trails of falling particles.


 8:00P.M. The formation had thinned out to what appeared to be coming from smaller nuclei’  giving it the appearance of  broken feathery cyclones of suspended particles. Each spreading puff formed it's own dense nuclei. Each dripping “angel hair” extending inward over Colonel Bob Wilderness from the coast. The suspended funnel formation remained, stretching over the Quinault river valley, the wetlands and watershed areas as it followed the sunset  

9:00 P.M.    Below is a close up of a nucleus cloud above our home.


A Close up of just below the sun causing the puff clouds to emit


Aug. 6th 10:30 AM PST
The next morning: The cloud pattern still hung suspended in the same funnel pattern only with a much thinner appearance, with a grayish tint (like smoke) and of less density, covering a much larger widespred area. The skies were clear and cloudless in all directions other than where the Chemtrail had followed the sun down while maintaining it's funnel shape. It had remained there all night! As the sun got higher in the sky, the sky almost instantly became clear and crystal blue once again.


12:00 PM PST
Clear skies. 
Taking my grandson to work we both saw 2 more planes laying trails in the sky. Both traveling from the north to south and then another crossing the sky in the opposite direction, on my way back across the Quinault river bridge. I didn't have my camera on me so I could not get a picture.

4:00 PM PST
Outside my house as the sun was a bit higher in the sky the earlier laid trails were dispersing. The criss crossing patterns left earlier became quite visable.  The Plane you see is laying a fresh trail.

The Following day

Aug 7th  1:30 PM PST
Lots of plane action today over the surrounding ridges and watersheds on both sides of the Quinault Ridge, crossing each other in all directions. North to south, east to west etc. The same reactions from the suspended thin lines laid by the planes, became wider and started dispersing as the sun became lower in the sky and started hitting the trails just as they had in the previous days. I have many pictures of this but I think you get the idea from those you've already viewed. The closest and best pics we're taken right above my head over the Quinault.



The afternoon of Aug 12th (exact time frame not known)
Clear skys in all directions Warm and sunny.
A good shot of the plane laying it's trail directly over the top of Colonel Bob wilderness. The plane circled around the mountain and proceeded back in the same direction it emerged from, the west off the coast. Once again over the span of the day I shot photos of 4 more planes in the distance over the Olympics. Being that they were laid so far away I was not able to monitor their reaction in those areas.


Below is an
Eagle flying directly under the expanding trail


Aug. 13
Next Morning. Below is what was left hanging over Colonel Bob Wilderness from the day before, still suspended but wide spread and moving in line with the sun up. You can still see the original  line that was layed over the top of the designated spotted owl wilderness area. What is the real danger behind the spotted owl depletion.

If anyone else was able to view or take footage of these trails that have been happening over our Olympic Pennisula Ranges, we would like to here from you. These particular planes were active in the skies from August 5th through the 12th that were documented on this page. However this has progressed into DAILY and NIGHTLY ongoing activity.  NO more "natural clouds over the Quinault

   Chemtrails have been a very controversial subject due to the non-transparent secrecy that has been exposing itself for years. Some areas have been documented and tested to contain heavy metal compounds which can be very hazardous to the health of all living organisms.
   The purpose of this type of chemical release originated to control weather. Allegations have claimed they have been used to move rain to  certain areas of interest and to bring about drought to devaste other areas.
High tech weather control basically originated through HAARP
Here is a Link to the daily CHEMTRAIL FORECAST MAP for the entire United States.  Washington State is one of the major RED states (heavily doused). This page also provides links to HAARP related forecast maps.
Google HAARP  for more information on the experimentation with this technology, if interested.

 Related to possible causes of catastrophic occurrences.

Many believe Katrina was caused by a manipulated weather pod that got out of hand. Severe hurricane winds were due in  and it has been said that the plan was to calm the hurricane down to the degree of strong force winds, to avoid devastation. It is said that those responsible were successful in depleting the storms strength
as the winds died down. But unexpected circumstances caused a reaction no one was prepared for. After winds died down passing over the danger zone, the winds began to pick up speed once again with much greater force and moved on in to devaste the New Orleans gulf.

Hurricane Sandy is said to have been created in much the same fashion. There are pics on YouTube of the actual plane laying chems over the eye of the hurricane at high altitude,  picked up on satellite. Some sources say the president himself ordered the military to do what they could to tame the hurricane before it hit land. After chemical dousing, suddenly it changed course and off to NewYork it went just in time for the presidential elections, that greatly inhibited voters with electricity knocked out mainly in the republican districts.
Convenient? A manipulated detour for a mules win??????????

    Do other chemtrail research. There is a world of information for you to decipher from. Get familiar with what you are looking at in our skies. Aside from all the proof of chemtrail activity and findings by some of the worlds top scientists, biologists,
chemists and meterologists,   our government, HAARP and an array of corporate polluters are still denying allegations that chemtrailing exists. Most continue to label them as mysterious conspiracy theories, or phenomenon.  Scientific study may convince you otherwise regardless of what our Washington State elected officials tell you or the involved CEO's of the companies that administer the formulated chem mixes and those that distribute them. Also research Contrails.

Due to google now working under more tightly monitored government control you might try other search engines that are not being so intensely filtered by the NSA agency. This is another example of how our liberty and freedom of speech are being  denied, by the DC
Central controlled, big government marxist mob who's over stepping  authority under our U.S. Constitutional laws, work silently and slyly behind the backs, of the people.  Check out Pearl Rains Hewett's Behind My Back website for a multitude of issues dealing with Big Government Control here on the Olympic Peninsula and elsewhere. Pearl's on top of all tricks of their trade.

"One" of the earliest releases of contrails was filed fifty years ago in 1962 by the US Air Force, US Patent 3517505, Method and Apparatus for Suppressing Contrails. Which consist of a chlorosulphuric acid spray, powered by compressed nitrogen, that is mounted near the engines. This is sprayed into the exhaust, the heat breaks it down into hydrogen chloride and sulphur trioxide, which acts as the nuclei.The problems with this approach were that the acid was very corrosive, and you needed a lot of it – as much as 3% of the weight of the fuel. It’s also not really environmentally friendly, spraying tons of chemicals into the air, just to prevent the formation of some clouds. All of these chemical approaches have the downside of adding additional complicated machinery to the aircraft. So this approach was only investigated by the military"..........
Or did it continue?

  In 1976 a the U.S. signed onto a UN treaty to prohibit the use of such environental weaponry against other nations or that could bring harm to the environment, mankind or other earthly plant and animal inhabitants. Most of government still deny geo-engineering exists, even though they signed a treaty against their use.    ?????????
UN Weather Weapons Treaty

Do you remember the year the U.S.  invaded Afghanistan? There was much concern over whether it was even possible to enter this cave laiden rugged mountainess region.  known for it's extreme and brutally cold winters.  
Tah Dah..... Guess what country experienced the mildest winter in it's recorded history? Afghanistan!!!!!! No problem for the troops. Very few weather complications. Extremely warm for this normally icey winter landscape.  

Many questions need to be answered. Starting with Government investigation and/or full transparancy in what has become more common in todays skies then ever before. We want to know what the hell they are spraying? We have a right to know what is really warming (or cooling) our atmosphere? What toll is it taking on our health and environment?  As with so many things our governments of today  lie to us about, or are sworn by secrecy amongst themselves not to tell, seem to be playing a big roll of endangerment and possible death as these manipulative atmospheric exercises take place.
For every action there is a reaction. What goes up must come down. Repercussions are not always pre-concieved correctly. Repercussions can be deadly.  Perhaps they are keeping those death warrants secret as well. I guess that's up to the researcher to decide.

Confronting the world on U.N. webcast
on the Reality of Chem-trailing and Suspected Repercussions.

The Truth is Told the World

               Climate Engineering
An excellant description of what's been taking place over the skies of the Quinault Valley
 and the "wild" lands on Washington States Olympic Peninsula.

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